Highlands of Argyle


Our vision for The Highlands Of Argyle is to provide the finest master planned community in the City of Argyle. With over half a century of combined real estate development experience, we have the tools and expertise to develop a superior neighborhood.

The first item we considered is the land itself. Being sensitive to our neighbors and getting the design right was our top priority. We have knocked on every door surrounding The Highlands Of Argyle and met with many of our future neighbors. We have taken their ideals into account as we developed our plan.

One of the common themes we heard from many of the stakeholders is the need for open space and trails. We looked at our plan and we undoubtedly delivered both. We kept over thirty four and a half acres of open space, which accounts for over 31% of the total project. We have added a series of lakes and waterfalls to the design to accent the site and mitigate the drainage. We have designed a walking trail that surrounds the entire neighborhood and added many landscape and design features.

Our plan boasts over 2 miles of walking trails and many more miles of interior sidewalk. We created inviting and open spaces that not only look great and are well maintained, but also user friendly relaxing. The ponds will be stocked by the Texas Parks and Wildlife service with fingerling from their ShareLunker Program. Our developments will be available for all of the citizens to enjoy and use.

From our half century of experience, we have learned that good developers are also good neighbors. We will have several neighborhood meetings to corporately address any concerns from the citizens of Argyle. Please check back often and don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unable to attend the meetings.

Thank you for your consideration and we ask for your input and support in bringing a much needed community to the City of Argyle.


Bob Flynn
Development Partner; President, Flynn Land Development

  • University of Texas Arlington Graduate (Bachelor of Science in Architecture)
  • 10+ years of experience in developing lots with a total value of over $100 million
  • Texas resident since 1983 with is wife — and now 3 children

Kosse Maykus
Development Partner; President, Hat Creek Developments

  • Maykus Custom Homes has been building custom homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 40 years​
  • Highly successful record of achieving city approval
  • “Developer of the Year” in 2005 by the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association and two-time “Builder of the Year” (Southlake 2002, GFWBA 2003)
  • Texas Tech Graduate

Jody Boyd
Development Partner; President, Woodbridge Developments

  • 10 years of experience of developing lots
  • Record of completing developments in half the time of the industry standard
  • Over 500 lots completed high-end products with a total value over $100 million
  • Currently serves on the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association Board of Directors
  • Baylor University Graduate

Development Process


Topographic Survey

At the Highlands and Lake Parks of Argyle, we identified the drainage patterns and flood plain and used some of that area to retain the majority of the trees.

We added a series of lakes to add aesthetically pleasing spaces that also function to improve the drainage for our downstream neighbors.

We employed a professional engineer licensed by Texas to help us with our functional design. In concert with our professional land planner, we then submitted plans to the city engineer and a third party engineer for additional review.  In addition to that, we often hire a engineer specializing in hydrology to study our plans and ensure we comply with all of the design standards of the City of Argyle and the State of Texas. At a minimum, we have no less than three engineers review our plans, and often as many as six.


We are at the forefront of green development. We believe that people are first and trees are a close second. It is true there will be some trees that must be knocked down. When we do have to knock down trees, we don’t just haul them off to the dump. We bring in a mulcher and grind up the trees for bark mulch to be used in the landscaping for the community. Recently, we gave away mulch from The Sanctuary in Keller to the Hidden Lakes HOA to line the landscape beds at the entries off of Bear Creek Parkway in Keller, TX.

We will require all of the builders in The Highlands Of Argyle to plant a minimum of 2 – 3″ caliper trees in the front of each house. We believe that once the homes are built that there will be more trees on this site than exist today. Also, we used the thickest stand of trees on the site as part of our open space plan. When we are done with the project, we will have added over 400 trees to the site.

While the development process is often difficult, we enjoy the process and “getting it right”. We want to enhance the areas we develop in for our neighbors, our clients and the community as a whole. Responsible and thought out development is the driving force for strong enduring communities.

We look forward to becoming an important part of the growth and sustainably of the City of Argyle for decades to come.

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