Why Sell?

You could be sitting on a piece of land that could impact your financial future greatly.

Woodbridge Development wants to maximize the potential of the property that you own.  We have years of development, real estate and building experience in the Northeast Tarrant County area. We know what it takes to get the most out of your land with honesty and integrity.

Woodbridge Developments believes that selling private property can be a positive step in one’s financial future. It is up to the owner whether they would like to sell their private property or not.

Why not just sell the land on your own?

The entitlement process can be frustrating for property owners. We are strong proponents of private property rights and feel that a property owner should be able to do with their property what they want within reason. This means something different to you, me and our neighbors.

We get the pleasure of paying you considerable sums provided we can get approval from the city council. It is the local governing authority that can make a property very valuable or worthless. Many very well designed and attractive developments get turned down every year. We take on the financial commitment that it takes to complete the survey, the engineering and the landplaning of the property. That is of ZERO cost to you.

What Will the Neighbors Think?

Most neighbors do not want undeveloped land to change.  They may believe that since they have lived with it one way it should always remain so.  They often fail to see that most times, land was purchased as an investment decades ago with the hope that one day it could be sold for a considerable sum.

When a home owner makes a purchase next to undeveloped land, they are knowingly making a buying decision where that undeveloped land may change in the future.  At Woodbridge, we believe that we can make it change for the better!

Why Does Selling Make You A Better Neighbor?

Developing land improves the drainage in the area around it by 99%.  Your land will be examined by three different engineers to ensure that the development has been done correctly.

New development will increase the homes around it. There will be brand new homes or buildings that will be beautifully planned and landscaped to raise the level of living in the area.

The Selling Process

Woodbridge Developments requires a few non-negotiable terms with our clients to ensure that everyone comes out on top.  First, we must have a four to five month option to get their property entitled. Without the proper zoning in place, we cannot develop your land into a subdivision or retail space.

The process of entitling and building a subdivision can take up to a year to complete.

  • Month 1 – 5 – Rezoning land for development — typically the greatest hurdle.
  • Month 6 – Engineering and surveying.
  • Month 7 – City reviews application.
  • Month 8 – 10 – Public notice requirements and bureaucratic red tape before approval.

Free Land Evaulation and Consultation

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